Cleaning your water dispenser

We recommend that you clean your water dispenser regularly to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.

It is good practice to clean your water dispenser before use and the cleaning kit from JUSTEAU is ideal. The cleaning kit is specifically designed to safeguard against the build up of potentially harmful bacteria.

Regular cleaning

We recommend that you thoroughly sanitise your water dispenser regularly, at least every 90 days.

Get an automatic reminder

We can send you an automated reminder that your cooler is due for a clean. If you would like to receive one, please click here to register or here to log in and change your settings.

Sanitisation process

  1. Turn switches to off position and disconnect water dispenser from power supply.

  2. Remove bottle.

  3. Remove the dispenser's non-spill lid and baffle assembly from the reservoir (to remove each part, place your hand on the top and turn anti-clockwise).

  4. Put on rubber gloves. Open the JustEau™ sanitising solution bottle (AquaDosa™).

  5. Pour the solution into the reservoir and leave for a full 5 minutes (On hot & cold, don't apply solution to hot tank). Immerse the pipe brush in the solution (ready for cleaning the taps), then immerse the cloth into the solution and gently agitate the solution in the reservoir.

  6. Use the scouring cloth to wash the non-spill lid and baffle. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

  7. Remove taps. Clean tap outlets by inserting pipe brush in and out of tap outlet with a circular motion.

  8. Disassemble (unscrew) taps. Using the pipe brush, clean the inside of the taps. Rinse the taps thoroughly with fresh water.

  9. Reassemble taps; screw back onto dispenser, making sure they are finger-tight.

  10. Drain the reservoir of all traces of cleaning solution. Flush the reservoir via both taps using fresh water. (On hot and cold dispensers, you must flush the hot reservoir with fresh water several times via the hot tap).

  11. Thoroughly rinse non-spill lid and baffle assembly with fresh water; dry with a clean towel. Re-install components in the dispenser.

  12. Clean the exterior of the cooler as necessary.

  13. Install bottle on dispenser. (On hot & cold dispensers, you must vent hot tank by engaging hot tap until water flows through tap.)

  14. Reconnect water dispenser to power supply and turn switches back on.

    Bacteria accumulates within all water dispensers over time. Cleaning with the JustEau Water Dispenser Cleaning Kit every three months will prevent harmful bacteria build-up.


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